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    Folding Utility Carts and Trolleys from Salesmaker Carts

    For over 30 years Salesmaker Cart’s collection of patented collapsible folding equipment carts have been proven time and time again to:

    • Allow one person to do the job of several
    • Reduce injury and time away from work due to injury
    • Reduce damage to equipment due to mishandling
    • Faster service and sales calls allowing more per day
    • Faster solo deliveries allowing more per day
    • Allow higher converting onsite equipment demos more easily
    • Allow single technician onsite diagnostics more easily
    • Promotes a safer working environment and happier employees

    Folding and collapsible carts are designed for equipment needing to be transported to and from a vehicle such as:

    • Healthcare & Medical/Lab equipment
    • Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment
    • Office equipment
    • Audio/video equipment
    • Convention Exhibits
    • Beverage & Food Processing Equipment
    • Precision tool equipment
    • Heavy point-of-sale (P.O.S.) equipment
    • Any load otherwise difficult for one person to handle